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Lean can radically improve your business.

Lean Management

Do more than simply eliminate waste and increase value.

Strategy Deployment

Reach your company’s organizational goals.

Supply Chain Management

Identify and eliminate wastes in the supply chain.

Lean Consulting

Increase productivity and profitability.

Site Assessment

Increase the growth of your business.

Setup Reduction

Lower overhead and improve customer needs.

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Learn how LSICG can improve your bottom line.

Improve Your Business

Just because you have been producing the same product and/or service the same way for a long time doesn’t mean that these processes are optimal. “Lean” is just as it sounds: a way of trimming down your processes to make your business as efficient as possible. Once this has been achieved, your bottom line will increase.

LSI Consulting is a professional lean consulting service provider. Founded by Shawn Kaul, a master of cost and waste reduction, the company’s lean consultants will rigorously delve into your daily operations, manufacturing processes, and performance goals.

The results will be impressive.

You can look forward to several achievable goals, including:

  • Reduce Waste
  • Reduce Overtime
  • Reduce Defects
  • Reduce Lead Times
  • Reduce Operating Expenses
  • Reduce Transport Requirements
  • Reduce WIP and Raw Materials Inventory
  • Improve Quality
  • Increase Profits
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Increase Throughput
  • Improve Production
  • Increase Business Growth
  • Improve On-Time Delivery Performance

If you’re like most business owners, you make sure that your business is not in the red but are unaware as to how to maximize its performance. That’s where lean consulting comes into play. And there’s no better company to help your bottom line than LSI Consulting Group.

Experts in lean consulting, LSI Consulting Group specializes in lean manufacturing, both a way of thinking and a set of invaluable tools that greatly benefit the manufacturing processes. The lean manufacturing consulting technique has proven itself over the years in advancing manufacturing and optimizing business operations.

Think about it: a lean consultant is an independent advisor, he or she is impartial to your business, and has the freedom to make suggestions without being swayed by company politics.

Lean Management


Following your six sigma and flow kaizen events, you’re now ready to take your organization to the next level. You have identified redundancies, the need to remove stale inventory, and the need for value-added activities. Lean Management will help you to see productivity and profitability increases making your return on investment (ROI) in a lean consultant worthwhile. Learn more about Lean Management.

Site Assessment

As the name implies, Site Assessment is the process of evaluating your business product and/or service offerings. During the Site Assessment, LSI will join forces with your team members to learn the daily operations that take place and then make a formal recommendation as to the necessary steps to improve your business. Learn more about Site Assessment.

Setup Reduction

The time it takes your team to prepare (or set up) for the manufacturing process is a crucial part of your costs. LSI Consulting Group will carefully examine what your shop experiences in order to produce your product and/or service. By reexamining each step of the setup process, you will be surprised at how much waste can be eliminated. Learn more about Setup Reduction.

Get Lean Today

Resolve Manufacturing Issues


Improve Productivity

  • Honor capacity-tested ship dates
  • Generate enough inventory to meet demand
  • Educate your workforce

Address Operational Challenges

  • Deliver products to customers on-time
  • Drive down backlog
  • Increase weekly sales

Change Performance Metrics

  • Decrease manufacturing order cycle times
  • Reduce WIP inventory
  • Increase monthly volume output
  • Control labor costs

Number of Clients

Continuous Improvement Events

Years of Experience

Shawn Kaul of LSI Consulting Group is the only lean consultant that I would recommend to anyone. I have had the pleasure of working with Shawn while I was with three different companies, with dramatic results. He has the rare ability to motivate any company, regardless of its workforce, to surpass the desired results. I have worked with several other lean consultants, and Shawn is exceptional.

Sean Picou

Plant Manager, American Welding & Tank

Shawn helped us see the incredible opportunity we were wasting by not using fresh data directly from the shop floor to drive our improvement efforts. We immediately started the daily gemba walk under his guidance. The gemba walk is held at the same time each day and is attended by the manager, production managers, the engineering manager, the plant manager, and kaizen staff. The time for the gemba walk is considered sacred, and no meetings can be scheduled for that time.

Thomas Henderson

Continuous Improvement Manager, Hayward Pool Products

The results that Shawn has helped us to attain in the past 6 months have far exceeded my expectations. The implementation of Lean Manufacturing in our TX factory has resulted in significant improvement in all of our key operating metrics. Shawn is very grounded in his approach, works very well with all of the guys in the factory, and has expert knowledge of lean principles. I would highly recommend LSI to anyone looking to start the lean journey.

Bruce McGregor

Senior Level Operations Executive, Kelly-Moore Paints

Get Lean and Improve Your Business

Lean is all about analyzing the steps in a process, eliminating any non-value-added elements, and shrinking batch sizes so that inventory is minimal and only replenished at the rate that customers pull the products off the shelves. This way, the preceding process must obey the commands of the subsequent process.

Toyota proved it could work; so can you.  Let LSI Consulting Group make your company lean.