Lean Transformation

In order for an organization to achieve total lean transformation, it must do more than simply eliminate waste and increase value: it must also change its culture. Changing the culture of a company is a long-term process that begins with effective lean consulting from a trusted leader. Lean Synergy International (LSI) can help your company make the transformation to operational excellence by, among other things, coaching management on how to support and drive change culture throughout your organization.

Lean transformation does not happen overnight. It begins with a company’s ability to take an honest look at its productivity, profitability and culture. The average time it takes an organization to accomplish a lean transformation is three years, and the process is usually broken out into the following stages:

  • Site Assessment
  • Flow Kaizen and Six Sigma events
  • Strategy deployment planning
  • Supply chain management
  • Lean management

Understanding Lean Principles

Before your company can make the leap from business-as-usual to lean transformation, employees at all levels must understand lean principles. This takes time, as it involves a complete overhaul in the way that managers and workers view the company and their role in it. When you enlist the help of LSI, your lean consultant will provide knowledge sharing on the following lean principles:

  • Assigning value for each product family based on the customer’s standpoint
  • Mapping the value stream for each product family and eliminating non-value added steps
  • Tightening the sequence of value-creating steps to create smooth product flow towards the customer
  • Enabling customers to pull value from upstream activities
  • Encouraging transformational thinking that encourages employees at all levels to take personal responsibility for solving problems and improving processes

Transformational Thinking

The biggest piece in the lean transformation process is the change from traditional thinking to transformational thinking. Once your people begin to view all processes from a lean perspective, the change to transformational thinking has begun. The following steps can be used to jump start your employees’ journey towards lean thinking:

  • Reorganize your company based on product family and value stream
  • Compensate your employees in relation to the company’s performance
  • Implement transparency in your performance review process

Lean Transformation Begins with the Right Leadership

Before your organization can begin its lean transformation, it is crucial that you designate an “agent of change.” This should be someone within your company who is willing and qualified to take a position of leadership wherein they are personally responsible for the lean transformation process. Your LSI consultant will interact closely with this leader, teaching him or her lean techniques and how to apply them on a system-wide basis (not in isolated programs). To learn more about how LSI Consulting Group can help your organization realize its full potential, please contact us.