Site Assessment

In order to provide your company with the maximum benefits of our Lean Six Sigma services, Lean Synergy International (LSI) will begin with what’s known as a lean assessment. During the lean assessment, LSI will spend time carefully evaluating your company’s products and services and their strategic importance to the growth of your business.

In a combined effort with your company’s leadership team, LSI will perform a thorough value stream map evaluation. The results of this evaluation, along with the current state value stream map, LSI’s lean leadership and your management team will determine areas in need of improvement and develop a plan to achieve lean excellence.

  • Are your resources being used in alignment with your company’s goals?
  • How many non-value added activities are going on at any given time?
  • How much of your inventory has gone stale due to bottlenecking?
  • Where do you want to be in 3 to 5 years and is your current business strategy going to help you get there?

These questions and more will be addressed during the week-long lean assessment process.

Launching a Site Assessment


The launch of a site assessment is typically an exciting time. It begins with an evaluation of the pre-work packet you will have completed prior to LSI’s arrival. The pre-work packet is designed to help LSI gain a better understanding of your core product and/or service offerings. It contains a financial worksheet and product breakdown sheet, both of which will be used to determine which of your company’s products or services has the most strategic growth possibility.

Once you have decided upon your area of focus, Lean Synergy International will join forces with your team to delve deep into your company’s history and uncover the creativity and innovation that is unique to every organization. Having thoroughly reviewed your major product and service offerings during the site assessment, Lean Synergy International will then present you and your employees with a strategy for making your company leaner and more profitable.


Flow Kaizen and Six Sigma Kaizen Events


Now you’re ready to experience the rapid improvement processes known as Flow Kaizen and Six Sigma Kaizen events. Just what should you expect and how can you and your employees make the most of it? For starters, be prepared for dynamic, hands-on week-long workshops during which you and your employees will demonstrate what you learn. At the end of these five days, you can expect the following results:


  • Improved production efforts that create value for your products and services
  • Streamlined business processes that ensure each step is a “service step,” where customer value is added with minimal waste
  • Increased efficiency in your assembly line in proportion to demand for the product, service or subcomponent on the production line


Reduce Process Variation


Now famous for its Six Sigma strategies, Motorola originally developed them as a set of tactics designed to improve end products by addressing mistakes during the production process rather than after. Traditionally, Six Sigma strategies reduce defects to 3.4 parts per million. Some of the ways in which LSI utilizes the Six Sigma practice in its Sigma Kaizen event are:


  • Ensuring that changes are based on statistical and not subjective studies, so that the emphasis on data-driven methodologies in ongoing decision-making is successful
  • Analyzing the quality characteristics of products in order to minimize variation as much as possible
  • Using the above-mentioned tactics to design and implement company-wide education and training to reach the Six Sigma goal of reducing all defects to 3.4 parts per million


The Right Company for the Highest Quality Outcomes


Many companies perform lean assessments. However, knowing the basic techniques is not enough: you need the expertise of a proven professional to implement these techniques for your company’s greatest good. To find out more about what LSI can do for your organization; contact them for a quote at