Strategy Deployment Planning

Strategy deployment planning, also known as hoshin kanri, is a high level approach to ensuring that your company reaches its organizational goals. It differs from traditional annual planning methods in that it involves employees at all levels of the company and targets specific financial and safety objectives, not just general improvements. Strategy deployment planning is one of the most sophisticated lean management tools available and as such, it is most effective when implemented as part of a comprehensive lean management system.

First Steps Towards Strategy Deployment Planning

In order to reach your organization’s goals, it is imperative that you first identify the specific issues that are holding the company back. These key business issues can be anything from stale inventory to lack of productivity to safety hazards. A site assessment can help you pinpoint the areas in which your business needs improvement; after that you can use hoshin kanri to map out the process for implementing the necessary changes.

Hoshin Kanri: Precision Lean Management Tools

There are seven stages involved in the strategy deployment planning process, each with its own set of tasks and challenges. These include:

• Identifying mission-critical issues within your business
• Establishing specific techniques for addressing these issues
• Defining your organization’s long-term goals
• Developing Lean strategies for achieving those goals

The key to mastering this process is to involve employees at all levels of the company, not just executives and managers. In order for hoshin kanri to work, every individual within your organization must take personal ownership of his or her area of expertise.

Once the initial steps of strategy deployment planning have been completed, the implementation process can begin. This process involves a comprehensive coordination effort, that is: all process owners must work together within and between their respective departments.

Strategy Deployment Planning: Hitting Your 3-Year Targets

Annual planning sessions are a key element in strategy deployment planning. They differ from traditional annual meetings in that they target specific objectives for each year of the annual plan. Instead of listing overall sales goals, for instance, hoshin kanri annual planning sessions involve setting five to seven key initiatives for your sales, marketing, engineering and manufacturing departments.
Unleashing Your Business’s Potential with Hoshin Kanri
Strategy deployment planning can provide the gateway through which your company achieves alignment between its vision and goals and its day to day operations. LSI can assist your organization in utilizing all that hoshin kanri has to offer. To learn more about how LSI can help your organization realize its full potential, contact them for a quote at