LSI Consulting offers lean consulting and training services to a variety of satisfied clients whose testimonials are listed below:

LSI Consulting uses lean and six sigma methodologies with American Welding & Tank

LSI Consulting offers lean consulting services to American Welding & Tank

American Welding & Tank

“Shawn Kaul of LSI Consulting Group is the only lean consultant that I would recommend to anyone. I have had the pleasure of working with Shawn while I was with three different companies, with dramatic results. He has the rare ability to motivate any company, regardless of its workforce, to surpass the desired results. I have worked with several other lean consultants, and Shawn is exceptional. His passion for lean is unmatched. Every time Shawn was brought onto my site, I could rest easy that he would produce dramatic improvements, train the associates, and greatly assist me in developing a lean culture. He has been an invaluable resource to me both during and between kaizen events.

Here are a few successes that Shawn’s talent has helped me achieve:

– OEE improvements of 30% to 65%
– Lead-time reductions of 85%+
– On-time delivery improvements of 50% to 94%
– Set-up time reductions of 75%
– Productivity improvements of 35% to 94%
– The establishment of strategic inventory supermarkets to support growth and capture market share
– Senior-level collaborations and guidance in developing
strategy for the business.”

Mr. Sean Picou
Plant Manager
American Welding & Tank
Salt Lake City, UT

Mr. Picou worked directly with Shawn at Lean Synergy International LLC.

Hayward Pool Products relies heavily on its lean methodologies which LSI Consulting implemented.

Hayward Pool Products relies heavily on its lean methodologies which LSI Consulting implemented.

Hayward Pool Products

“Hayward Pool Products has used lean consultants since the beginning of our lean journey in 1999. Five or six years into our program, Shawn became our primary consultant, helping us with a variety of initiatives.
Those projects included, most notably:
– Reduction in the set-up time for injection molding machines
– Implementation of kanban pull systems, cell design, and total productive maintenance

One of the most important changes that Shawn helped us implement was the daily gemba walk. Since the early days of lean, our plant had used CDS boards and hour-by-hour charts. The problem was that the boards were rarely current, and filling out the charts was thought to be just another non-value-added task. The information on the charts was not reviewed on a consistent schedule, and plans for corrective action were almost non-existent.

Shawn helped us see the incredible opportunity we were wasting by not using fresh data directly from the shop floor to drive our improvement efforts. We immediately started the daily gemba walk under his guidance. The gemba walk is held at the same time each day and is attended by the manager, production managers, the engineering manager, the plant manager, and kaizen staff. The time for the gemba walk is considered sacred, and no meetings can be scheduled for that time.

Because the plant is fairly large, we visit one-third of the facility every third day. Cell Lead Persons review issues of performance, safety, and quality. A ‘roving newspaper’ is maintained to record all the corrective-action items. The newspaper has such a powerful effect because problems are being addressed, and the value of keeping good data about cell activity is obvious. The management team has evolved into a resource that responds to live data and sees day-to-day problems with their own eyes.

We have the honor of hosting lean tours on occasion, and I am often asked, ‘What is the single most important thing you did to implement lean in your facility?’ Without hesitation I reply, ‘The daily gemba walk.’ For that revelation alone, I wholeheartedly recommend Shawn to anyone interested in jump-starting their lean program.”

Mr. Thomas Henderson
Continuous Improvement Manager
Hayward Pool Products
Pomona, CA

LSI Consulting uses lean and six sigma methodologies with Kelly-Moore Paints

Kelly-Moore Paints incorporates a lean strategy, thanks to the successful implementation by LSI Consulting Group.

Kelly-Moore Paints

“Shawn has been providing lean manufacturing consulting services to Kelly-Moore Paints through his company LSI. The results that Shawn has helped us to attain in the past 6 months have far exceeded my expectations. The implementation of Lean Manufacturing in our TX factory has resulted in significant improvement in all of our key operating metrics. Shawn is very grounded in his approach, works very well with all of the guys in the factory and has expert knowledge of lean principles. I would highly recommend LSI to anyone looking to start the lean journey.

Bruce McGregor
Senior Level Operations Executive
Kelly-Moore Paints

James Boss
Director of U.S. Fabrication at S&C Electric Company
Shawn did some great work for S&C helping us understand our demand segmentation and contributed to our inventory and fabrication strategies. Shawn works well with a wide spectrum of personalities and is able to facilitate the development of strategies and kaizen for improvement. He balances aggressive improvement with tactful business acumen when approaching business challenges.

Dan Garson
Chief Operating Officer at Congoleum Corporation
I have asked Shawn on several occasions to support lean manufacturing initiatives that my team has pursued. In all cases, Shawn and his team has helped us to achieve measurable results. Shawn is direct, professional and has an excellent understanding of lean manufacturing and helps you to tailor a process to drive improvement. . He works closely with you and your team to achieve, and helps you to creates a strategy to drive lean improvement. My experiences with Shawn have been rewarding, productive and profitable. II would recommend Shawn without reservation.

Mark Weitz
VP, R&D at Kennon Products, Inc.
Shawn helped us lay out a new (remodeled) manufacturing facility for lean production in flow, and efficient use of space. Our resulting layout is working very well. Shawn’s ability to work with production staff as well as management was exemplary, and this was sleeves-rolled-up work. 

We recommend Shawn without reservation for his lean manufacturing expertise, and great ability to work with people.

Murphy Lents
President at Eldorado Stone
Shawn has helped us with our lean process improvements over the last several years and has been very helpful. We have used him in a numbers of plants and administrative offices all over the US with very impressive cost reduction and quality improvement results.

Rich Russo
Site Leader at NBTY
During my tenure at Millipore Corp, Shawn was brought in as a change agent to implement Kaizen and 5-S changes to subsequent departments after organizational change. Shawn’s professional attitude and experience were driving factors in meeting the metrics needed to drive change in the companies strategic areas, resulting in increased throughput and efficiency gains. Shawn’s flexibility in working in all industries played a vital role in getting up to speed with our specific business niche and hitting the floor running. Shawn and LSI produce results that are tangible, more importantly they change culture and promote thinking outside the box.

Jim Powers
Logistics and Supply Chain Professional
I have worked with Shawn in several companies over the last nine years. I have never been disappointed in the quality of consulting. Shawn really embraced ownership and passion on any project assigned, and delivered effective Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety results. With his support, companies have saved $millions as a result of lead time reduction, inventory reduction, service improvements, CAPEX avoidance, and increased worker productivity/employee empowerment. I would highly recommend Shawn to any company who wants to turn-around their company, or take it to the next level. I truly enjoy working with Shawn, and will continue to use him in the future.